Text Box: Ruggedized Low-profile Laser Packaging

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Photonic device integration

 Design, fabrication and testing

 Semiconductor-based (InP) technology

 Monolithic reliable platform with customization flexibility                     


Comprehensive Device Modeling and Analysis

 Proprietary and unique in-house software

 Rapid evaluation turn-around of new design


 Optoelectronic Packaging for Hash Environment

 Optical alignment/attachment processes

 Module testing and evaluation



Text Box: Ultra-Compact Wide-Temperature-Range Tunable Laser Transmitters

l Meets military avionic reliability/

    operating requirements

l Height 5 mm

l Temperature: -55 to +95 C

l Build-in wavelength locker

l Tunable laser applications




l Monolithically integrated ultra-compact

   Mux/Demux on InP platform

l Target nanosecond tuning for 4-32


l Compact size: < 10mm2

l Wide tuning range of > 32nm




Text Box: Integrated Ultrafast Wavelength Tunable Filters
Text Box: Ultra-Compact Integrated DWDM Chip Technology

l 4-channel tunability (100GHz spacing)

l Large temperature range: -55 to +95 C

l Ultra-low profile < 5mm

l High modulation frequency > 2.5 GHz

l Output power > 1mW






l < 1mm chip size

l Integration with other devices

l Compact size: < 10mm2

l Enabling technology for DWDM

   highly-integrated photonics



Advanced Photonic Devices and Packaging


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Text Box: Optical Arbitrary Waveform Generatior

l Preliminary demonstration