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OptoNet, Inc

828 Davis Street

STE 206

Evanston, IL, 60201

Phone: (847) 425-7585

Fax: (847) 425-7585

Email: info@optonetinc.com

OptoNet develops advanced, innovative photonic chips and modules based on proprietary approaches to monolithic integration of InP photonic devices including tunable laser, tunable filter, optical performance monitor, tunable wavelength converter, and Mux/Demux. We also have integrated Si packaging platform design for avionic application, which can provide C55 to +95 C operating temperature range, < 5mm packaging profile, and > 2.5GHz modulation rate. OptoNet, Inc. prides itself on several novel techniques: super compact grating based tunable laser/tunable filter, and ruggedized packaging technology that greatly improves coupling efficiency and reduces the cost of packaging for photonic integrated circuit.     

Advanced Photonic Devices and Packaging


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